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Heaven Nacklace

Artist's Statement

Since working as a contemporary jeweller and metalsmith in Australia I have experienced numerous new processes and concepts however I find myself continuing to seek out my cultural uniqueness, and as the work has evolved I have tried to employ these qualities in a more subtle and symbolic manner.  This cultural component is now a significant element of my practice.

As an artist I strive to communicate globally through symbolic expression and a visual language that is accessible to viewers from a diverse range of different environments, and at the same time I value and incorporate the concepts that keep me anchored to the essence of my own culture.

Technically I have employed the traditional Korean metal inlay technique (Iybsa) to creat the visual textural aspects associated with fabrics, which give a deeper surface enrichment to metal surfaces.

Joungmee   Do


Joungmee is a jewellery and metalwork artist utilizing the traditional Korean metal inlay techniques in a contemporary fashion. She has exhibited her work in numerous national and international events and is the recipient of several major awards. She has work in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences), Art Gallery of South Australia, Arts Centre of Melbourne, National Gallery of Australia, Castlemaine Art Museum, Hamilton Art Gallery, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, and private collections.

Sun-Kissed Nacklace
08.22 JMD-17.JPG

 Inlay Jewellery & Inlay Object

Recent work​


Mountain Detail
Mountain II
Rock Brooch
Rock brooch detail
Rock Mountain Brooch
Rock mountain brooch  detail
Moon Nacklace
Wish Bowl
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